The Cabaret Commons is a work-in-progress gathering place for trans- feminist and queer artists, activists, audiences and researchers.

The Cabaret Commons has two linked projects:

The Cabaret Commons Critical Practice (CCCP) is a venue for publishing in multimedia formats, reviews, responses, rants, and processes on everything to do with translocal grassroots cabarets and their worlds.

The Cabaret Commons Exhibition Place (CCXP) is a venue for digital exhibitions of works created and curated by translocal grassroots activists and cabaret artists, audiences and researchers.

Trans- Feminist & Queer Digital Praxis Workshop (TFQ DPW)

The Cabaret Commons is part of the Trans- Feminist & Queer Digital Praxis Workshop. The TFQ DPW is both a collective of, and a space for, TFQ activists, artists, audiences, writers, and researchers, working from the University of Toronto and beyond. Anchored in TFQ ethics and praxes of reciprocity and responsibility, the TFQ DPW works on digital phenomena as forms and spaces of potential (and potential problems) for multi-scalar, multi-disciplinary, collaborative works-in-progress.

In addition to the Cabaret Commons, the TFQ DPW also supports the Digital Research Ethics Collaboratory. DREC is dedicated to building reciprocal, accountable, non-extractive, non-dispossessive practices and values for research in and on digital environments, and publishing short essays, conversations and experiments on these themes.

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